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Organizer:                 Contest Committee of Hungarian Radio Amateur Society on behalf of MRASZ.

Purpose:                    Keeping up a traditionally friendly relationship with radio amateurs, reinforcing the reputation of Hungarian
                                  radioamateurs, to develop and prove their technological level and knowledge, and giving possibility to obtain radio amateur awards.

Date:                          First full weekend of July every year, from Saturday 14:00 UTC to Sunday 13:59 UTC.

Participants:              All licensed Hungarian and foreign radio amateurs (single operator) and radio amateur contest teams
                                  (multi operator) who are accepting the rules of the contest.


                                  SINGLE-OP MULTI BAND
                                  SINGLE-OP xxx where xxx=2M&UP
                                  MULTI-OP MULTI BAND
                                  MULTI-OP xxx where xxx= 2M&UP
                                  HILLTOPPER (MAX 10W OUTPUT AND MAX 6 HOURS
                                  CONTINOUS WORKING TIME ONLY SINGLE-OP MULTI BAND)

                                  IMPORTANT! THESE CATEGORIES SHALL BE PUT INTO ROW
                                  PSect OF THE EDI LOG! SINGLE-OP STATION IS ALLOWED TO
                                  TRANSMIT ONLY ONE SIGNAL IN THE SAME TIME. MULTI-OP
                                  THE SAME TIME.


Bands:                       2M,70CM,23CM, 13CM and UP
(According to the band plan of IARU Region 1)

Type of emission:      Phone: J3E, R3E, F3E, G3E
                                  CW: A1A.

Contest call:              Phone: CQ CONTEST and CW: CQ TEST

Exchange:                 RS or RST + separate progressive serial number starting with 001
                                  by bands and WW QTH locator (e.g.: 589 011 JN97HP).

Scores:                      According to the recommendation of IARU Region 1:

                                  For contacts on the 2M band: one (1) point/kilometer
                                  For contacts on the 70CM band: two (2) points/kilometer
                                  For contacts on the 23CM band: four (4) points/kilometer
                                  For contacts on the 13CM band and UP: ten (10) points/kilometer

Final score:               Sum of points by band.

Logs:                         Only electronic logs in EDI format will be accepted.

The logs have to be submitted:

Via internet:
Via email using an attached log file to:Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

Logs can be typed in on the following website (in case edi log can not be produced):
In a case of any questions or comments please send an email to Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

In case a participant is going to work in more bands (eg. 2m and 70cm etc) he has to submit separate logs by each band (EDI format can only contain a single band entry thus each band will be exported to separate EDI log). After submitting the first log the password given by the server has to be typed in as the subject for the consecutive log (eg. submitting log for 2m will be acknowledged by the server and password is given as : khj765m. While submitting email log for 70cm khj765m has to be typed in on the subject field). Same applies for inputting or submitting logs on the official website.


Deadline:              All entries must be submitted and postmarked not later than 23:59 on the second Monday after the contest.
                             Late logs and non EDI format logs will be considered only for check logs.

Awards:                All contesters get a certification which will be available to download on the contest home page after publishing the final result.

of final results:    The final result of contest will be announced in the web site


a) The maximum legal time discrepancy of logged contacts is three minutes. If it can be verified clearly by received logs which station’s fault is the logged time discrepancy then the contact made by this station would be considered faulty.

b) The logged but not scored duplicate contact won’t be qualified as an error and will not be penalized. Claiming points for a duplicate contact shall be penalized by deducting three times the number of points claimed for that duplicate contact from the score. Any entrant whose log has scored duplicate contacts more than 2% of its logged contacts number will be disqualified.

c) Contact with a station being in the same WW QTH locator counts one point.

d) In case of difference in logged QSO data, only the receiving station will lose the score of the given QSO.

e) All participants shall adhere to the rules prescribed in its license. Ignoring this may result in disqualification.

f) The decision of the contest committee is final.