World Scouting Centenary

Celebrations of the Scouting Movement founding 100 years ago will first happen via  amateur radio at Scouts Australia's Jamboree 2-13 January with the special event call sign VI3JAM being activated.

The Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit has rostered a team of
volunteers and secured sponsorship for this special event.

ICOM Australia has supplied ham radio equipment and Amateur Radio Victoria is contributing funding and other high level support, while the national WIA is providing promotional pamphlets, posters, and some licence education material.

The Australian Jamboree is held every three years with organisers
expecting 13,000 to attend this time at Elmore about 150 kms north of Melbourne. It will be the 21st Australian Jamboree.

Also throughout the centenary year, at specially planned celebration days,the Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit will be activating VI3SAA.

These will include massive displays in Melbourne's Treasury Gardens and breakfasts hosted by the Lieutenant Governor of Victoria at Government House, Melbourne.

Two commemorative QSLs will be issued - VI3SAA reflecting the Scouting Centenary theme 'One World One Promise', and VI3JAM in celebration of the
21st Australian Jamboree.

More detail on that amateur radio activity will be posted on the website:

- Amateur Radio Victoria
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